4769 Belpar St NW Canton, OH, 44718

(330) 492-9933

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The History of Lucia’s 
A Canton favorite since 1941

“The best steaks in town” was a frequently echoed phrase for 66 years at Lucia’s Restaurant and Lounge housed in the red shingled building on Mahoning Road in Canton.

And, those words ring true today in their new location at Belden Village. Yes, Lucia’s is back!

After a two-year retirement hiatus, Faith Anne Flickinger, an original owner of Lucia’s, joined forces with partner Rob Johns, to bring back “the best steaks in town,” along with their original Italian specialties and signature peppers.

Lucia’s history is rich. It can be traced back to 1941 when Faith Anne’s grandfather, Anthony Rich purchased a neighborhood bar called The Hob Nob. He started offering soups and sandwiches to the area factory workers at lunch. His daughter, Lucille, came on board and began doing more cooking. Steaks and pasta dishes arrived on the menu, as did peppers in oil and garlic.

As The Hob Nob became a more popular eatery, it soon evolved into a favorite restaurant of many. In the early 1970s, Lucille and her husband, Carl Santelli, expanded the dining area and changed the restaurant’s name to Lucia's, to honor Lucille’s paternal grandmother. Faith Anne and her brother, Carl Carpinelli, bought the popular restaurant from their aunt and uncle in the 1980s, and the restaurant continued to attract patrons from Canton and points north, south, east and west!

For nearly 70 years, generations have flocked to the well-known restaurant for their great steaks … to celebrate birthdays … anniversaries … special occasions … and in some cases, to get engaged. Stories are abundant. And in their new location, many of those stories are being told again … to a new generation of diners, brought to Lucia’s by their parents and grandparents.

The location has changed, the décor has changed, but the menu and the memories are the same. And, more memories are waiting to be made.

Owners Faith Anne Flickinger and Rob Johns welcome you to Lucia’s Steakhouse.